4 Tips for the Best Engagement Photos

By: Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, Ashley Griffin Photography

You’re engaged! Now what?? My guess is that you’re probably scouring Instagram and Pinterest for all of the inspiration (as you should!). Social media is just a wealth of information, especially when it comes to anything wedding related. However, if all of this knowledge being thrown at you just seems like too much at one, don’t worry, I’m here to help. Your time being engaged doesn’t have to be stressful at all, you just have to let yourself take your time to plan and do it your way. The most important thing is to stay true to you and not rush things!

So let’s get into planning your engagement session, or even just figuring it out. There’s a few things you should think of first. Defining your engagement photo vision, what you’ll both wear, the location and some questions you might have. Let’s get into it…

Defining your vision. Listen, photos are personal which is why we spend so much time planning our outfits, our hair, the location, the vibe. It’s a representation of you and this moment in your life. The first step to ensuring you get the most out of your session is defining your vision. What’s the vibe? Where are we going? What do you want to show about yourselves in these photos? When you start to think about these questions you start to create your dream vision board. Once you can narrow down what you imagine your photos looking like or how you can envision yourselves in your photos, the planning process becomes a lot easier! Do you want something laid back or more editorial? Or inside versus outside? Narrowing down these options will help form your sessions so you can move on to the rest! And if you’re stuck on your vision or need some inspiration, just ask your photographer!

Wardrobe actually does matter. With the trends changing every other minute it can be stressful to find an outfit that not only is on trend, but will stand the test of time too. You want to look back at your photos and be excited and remember that you felt confident and beautiful! My best advice is to wear what you’re comfortable in. Let your unique style show and show who you are as a couple. Also, it’s important to dress for your location and the style of shoot you’re trying to achieve. For example, using color theory or themes to support the aesthetic you’re going for like wearing a more elegant gown for locations that have old buildings or super editorial vibes. There’s truly so much you can do so just follow your vibes! If you need some guidance or a visual mood board, see if your photographer can help create it.

Location, location, location. Just like everything else, we can work on this together. Once we’ve created your mental (or physical) vision board we can start to narrow down on the location. Ideally, you want the location to enhance the overall feel of your photos. This can be aesthetically, emotionally or both! Choosing somewhere meaningful to you both will really bring out something special in your photos. If you met in the city or lived there, why not find a cute little rooftop or go to your favorite coffee shop? Spent your summers down the beach, head there for some memorable photos as the sand and waves hit your toes! The most important thing is to go somewhere that will make you happy not only when you’re there during your session, but also when you look back at your photos.

Last, but certainly not least, talk to me! I’m in this with you to give you the best possible experience! Let me know any concerns that you might be having or specific shots you know you want. This is YOUR session and it’s my sole purpose to bring your vision to life! Whether that’s hiking up a mountain, getting up at sunrise, jumping through hoops, I’m here to make your photo vision come true.

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