6 Details You Should Have Ready on Your Wedding Day

By Philadelphia wedding and engagement photographer, Ashley Griffin Photography.

Chances are you have spent months thinking about the details of your wedding. What represents you as a couple, things you like, ways to show your personality, sentimental items that those before you have passed on, the list goes on. These wedding details are so important and I want to include them when I capture your day.

Make a list of all the little and special items that are important to you and have them ready for your photographer! Have a bracelet from your grandmother? Great, put it in the box! Handkerchief your mother used on her wedding day? Put it in the box! You’ll be so relieved when you can just hand over a box full of goodies to your photographer on your wedding day!

✨Bonus points if you ask your florist to include some loose florals for flat lays as well!✨

Gathering the details is just one of the many tips I share with my clients before their wedding day. If you want more tips like this, send me an email.


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